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With the precision of a NASA team of engineers and the daring of highly trained astronauts, we prepare a digital marketing flight plan for your small to medium sized business that will help you take off beyond your wildest dreams.


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LaunchKit is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency; Rocket-Fueled by Technology and Immense Passion

We’ve set out to become a leading national digital marketing powerhouse focused on outstanding customer service and client collaboration. We excel at services ranging from SEO to WordPress Website Development to Lead Generation.

Our founding leadership has more than 15 years of experience building huge web presences from the ground up. We’ve taken that expertise and now offer it as a service to businesses large and small.

Rocket Past Your Competition

We’re standing by to answer any and all questions you have about launching your website and implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Website Design & Development

Our team is experienced at building websites from concept to completion.

Not only do we create a professional website that captures the personality of your business, but we help you understand the opportunities that exist to take full advantage of your online presence.

From there we happily tailor a strategy that will help new and existing customers find you, buy from you, and recommend you to all their friends.

Our management services offer you a unique opportunity to think toward the future and grow over time. We seek to be more than a one-time service and strive to maintain a relationship that helps take your business to the moon! Our team offers a free Launch Kit that connects all your initiatives to our expertise and sets an action plan in motion.

Web Design Services

We build our websites on a strong content management system called WordPress. This platform gives us the ability to customize and create an online presence that is unique to you and has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can learn.

We’ll schedule a consultation with you to identify the needs of your business, current pain points, and timeline. Once we’re on the same page we’ll draw up a contract and get started!

Assuming you already have a domain name, our first step will be to establish a staged website that allows us to develop your dream into a reality. Along the way we’ll have regular check-ins about the direction of the project.

After a final approval we’ll push your new website live and lift off will be achieved!

Of course!

We may need to work with your former provider to obtain the domain name and work out any technicalities, but even without that coordination our team can scrape your current content and build you an improved website without starting over completely.

Our development contracts come with a minimum 1 year obligation that allow us to see you through launch and work with you to optimize your web presence over the next year.

Our goal is to build a partnership that lasts well into the future. We want to be an asset to you and a source of marketing expertise that you can tap into at will. We believe that you should focus on the day-to-day of running your business and leave the rest up to us.

If we haven’t met your needs at the end of the contract period we don’t hold you hostage. You’re free to take your website and move on in any direction you like.

Finding the right look for your business can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Just because you’ve got a good product doesn’t mean you know how to make it look good. That’s where we come in.

Our team of talented graphic and web designers can instantly take your stale look and make it pro. If you’re just starting off we’ll work with you to design a logo and branding package that you can confidently use for years.

We’ll select colors, images, and create a logo that represent your business and hand them off to you in a format that you can send to any printer that you can use to create signage, promotional products, print ads, or online graphics.

Depends…we’re happy to take a look.

It’s all too easy to settle into your original logo and decide that there’s no going back. Just remember that your goals when you started your business might be completely different from where you’re at now.

Your logo should represent your business, but also be instantly recognizable and have a simplicity that makes it easy to translate into any branding situation.

Admittedly, we cringe a little when we see a great business with a bad logo and we’ve gotten to a point where we can’t help but mention it if we think you can do better.

Without a cohesive look your business can very quickly turn into a hodge podge of ideas with no clear direction.

Our branding services offers you an opportunity to firm up your look by establishing exact colors, logo variations, and font choices among other things. We work with you to pinpoint who you are as a business and what you’re trying to say and then incorporate that into our final deliverable.

We present you a digital package that contains all of the rules to keep your business in line for both print and web projects. This folder will include logo assets in various formats and sizes, branding guidelines, font files and more.

You can easily hand these documents over to sign companies, media publishers, or anyone else responsible for representing your brand and know that you’ll be well represented.

Building a business based on repeat customers is far cheaper than seeking out new ones. The best way to talk to your brand advocates and loyal customers is through email.

We’re more than happy to help you build a list and stay in contact with the people who bought your product or service along the way.

Targeting this group is key to your success and we’ve got the experience to build templates and automated messaging to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Out of sight, out of mind is incredibly true when it comes to small businesses and one of the best ways to stay in view is to remind people you’re there through email.

Yes! We’ve built lists over 25k strong and have set up automated messages to delight those contacts through engaging content and promotional offers.

We’re well versed in conversion tactics and will help you create funnels that move customers to buy or engage with your product or service regularly.

Most commonly, you’ll look for opportunities to send promotional offers or coupons that incentivizes past purchasers to do the same again.

Other options are focused content offerings that speak to your expertise and updates about new and exciting happenings within your business.

Yes. We can absolutely set you up to collect your customers email addresses in a number of different ways.

We’re well versed in integrating 3rd party API’s and plugins to facilitate email capture, storage, and categorization.

Search Engine Optimization

We love SEO. Getting free traffic from Google and other search engines is equivalent to free advertising in your local newspaper or people lining up at your storefront just because. Being able to cut that spend out of your budget opens up possibilities to grow your business in a lot of different ways!

We’ve spent A LOT of time getting very acquainted with Google and have perfected a strategy to get any website ranking for what your customers are looking for. The sky is the limit when it comes to how big your business can grow from SEO traffic alone.

SEO Services

Social & Search Engine Marketing

If you have a great product or service that lends well to online advertising we can help you utilize Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Amazon advertising, and other paid platforms that will get you a serious return on your investment.

We’ll work with any budget to target keywords your visitors are searching for and will drive growth in your business. We’re big believers in purchase intent and know exactly how to capture someone in their buying process and point them to a targeted page on your website that will capture the sale time after time.

Digital Marketing Services

Let’s face it, social media has quickly become the preferred way of reaching lots of eyeballs. By marketing with Meta (ie Facebook and Instagram) we can help you control your brand perception and push your product to customers in an unobtrusive format.

Twitter, Pinterest and newcomer, TikTok, also offer incredible opportunities to reach your audience depending on what you’re selling.

While not every demographic is best-suited for social media targeting, it’s more likely than not that social media marketing should be a part of your overall strategy.

The world is increasingly connected by these platforms and even the older generations have been engrossed in this technology for many years now.

We’d be happy to do a deep dive and present options that are right for your business.

Advertising rates are dictated by the competition in the space. If you’re in a highly competitive and lucrative business then you’re more likely to pay a premium for placement. Alternatively, if you’re in a unique business and are looking to acquire customers where others aren’t, then you’re likely to get away with paying less…at least until competitors arrive.

We work with a variety of budgets and target customers with precision based on keyword searches and demographics to get you the most bang for your buck.

Google Adwords is the long-standing advertising behemoth that any online business should be considering for ad placements.

We’re experienced in taking advertising budgets of any size and optimizing ROI by getting qualified visitors into your funnel at just the right moment.

Just like other Search Engine Marketing companies we charge a percentage of your total spend to plan, implement, and manage an advertising campaign that reaches your desired audience and converts them into paying customers.

Depending on budget and performance this percentage can range from 10% to 20%.

If your business can’t be found on the internet, then you can basically consider yourself invisible. Citations are an incredible opportunity to get links from directory services, such as Yelp, that alert Google and the rest of the online world that you exist.

With 100’s of different opportunities to list your website, you’ll instantly gain credibility with search engines and customers alike.

The service we provide helps you to quickly list your business across the web and get recognized much faster than if you did it yourself.

Customer Relationship Management

You can’t build a business without generating and converting leads.

Building on our SEO and SEM services we’ll tailor your website to take organic and paid visitors and move them into different stages of your sales funnel. We’ll provide you with a custom backend interface that allows you to manage your leads by easily categorizing and filtering them into actionable buckets.

Layer on top our email marketing services and you’ll have a fully integrated and automatic sales machine that won’t cost you any extra time or hassle.

CRM & Lead Generation Services

Understanding where your customers are at in their purchase decision could single-handedly be the most important determining factor of the success of your business.

With that information you can then tailor a strategy to help your potential customers move from researching your service or product to becoming full-fledged supporters of your business.

We specialize in gathering vital information and moving potential customers through custom sales funnels designed specifically for you.

One bad review about your business could lose you hundreds of potential customers. Monitoring all the channels where a person might take aim at your company is something that most small business owners don’t have time for…let alone patience.

It’s hard to read negative criticism and that’s why we love to serve as the middle man and tactfully respond to reviews that are less than favorable. We have a system for disarming angry customers, publicly displaying care for complaints, and creating an environment where customers don’t turn to 3rd party services to air their grievances.

We’ve found that offering a Live Chat option on your website substantially increases engagement and trust with customers. We’ve become obsessed with offering this option because it displays an unparalleled feeling of connectivity and support in the buying process.

Let us help you implement this on your site and connect your phone directly to your website, so that you never miss an opportunity to speak directly with potential customers.

About Us

We’ve been doing this our entire adult life.

Developing websites is in our blood. We grew up with the first computers and have literally been on the front lines of building (and improving) the web for over a decade.

We cut our teeth testing our own websites against the competition and prevailed in publishing over 6 MILLION words across multiple industries and capturing millions of dollars in ad and affiliate revenue in the process.

We’ve bought and sold domain names, exited successful businesses, and spent more time making every experience pixel perfect than almost anyone else you could hire.