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We are dedicated to building with a singular vision of supporting entrepreneurs as they work to grow their businesses. ” – Co-Founder, Joshua Kelley

We’ve all seen an ad for an out-of-the-box website builder. They’re everywhere, from YouTube videos to Facebook sidebar displays to Twitter feeds. They flaunt ease of use, speed, and simplicity.

But is that the best choice for establishing a brand? 

Let’s dig into why customization is the future and how you can leverage that into a stunning online presence.

Custom Web Design Bothell, WA

Most businesses have a website, and most of them are bad at converting leads. There are far too many marketing agencies that over promise and under deliver. 

Even in some top marketing agencies, the version for custom web design includes hiring someone outside their agency to build you a website and failing to get your brand and message across effectively.

This type of build can cost you more of your hard-earned money in the long run.

What’s the big difference? 

With a custom build, you have the opportunity to flesh out the backend of your site and curate keywords, what pages are the main focus, and the cherry on top—what does and does not get crawled by search engine analysts. 

Meaning the ideal pieces of content rise through the ranks and get put in front of people. You can set up test pages, and all you need to do is adjust the code to send the right signals to the crawlers. 

That way, nothing that’s still in progress will reach customers’ eyes. 

It goes further, though. When you have control over every inch of what your site looks like and reflects, you have a more trustworthy brand. 

Your brand isn’t half pre-made template and half personal brand—you’re all together sending a signal that you’re there to stay and you’re 100% invested in your product and/or service.

SEO Relevance

We mentioned keywords. Those are important aspects of any SEO strategy, but keep in mind that they aren’t the only benefit to a custom-built site. 

Keywords alert crawlers that your site provides answers for people around your chosen topic and industry. 

SEO is more than word-dropping in blog posts—it affects your entire site, back to front. Even content formatting impacts how well a search engine can read your pages.

Custom web design speaks to that need and lowers the chance that your site will end up lost on page 50 of search results.

Proper Brand Representation

Back to the visual aspect of a site—no matter how many templates there are out there, it’s not going to compare to having control over getting the exact layout you need to convey what you’re providing. 

That leans into better asset display, image optimization, and an overall more cohesive brand identity. 

Customization is the future because people look for that in their services, products, and work. Personalized content is what draws folks in. 

Confused people don’t buy things—they don’t make decisions. The clearer your messaging and offerings are, the more you’ll reach your desired customer base. Conversion comes from clarity.

Case Study: How to ruin your business by hiring an unqualified marketing agency

We are currently working with a high-end dog boarding service with a website built by 411Local and a second one designed by Godaddy.

After a year of struggling to get their website live with Godaddy and two years of ongoing billing from 411Local, they were out of pocket about 10k. They also lost clients and missed out on new clients because of the unsatisfactory website 411Local built 

The images used by 411 local were not of the client’s facility, and they made no sense for positive promotion. This client caters to high-end clients, including professional sports athletes, prominent businessmen and women, and doctors. This type of inaccurate exposure could have been detrimental. 

Agencies that offer a one-time fee and cheap monthly hosting tend to do what we mentioned at the start: Over promise, under deliver.

These websites from other agencies tend to be slow and unresponsive. Some look like they were built in 1999, and you can almost hear the dial-up tones when the website loads.

No matter how much SEO or paid ads you pay for, websites with these issues won’t represent your business in a way that makes people want to contact you. The people of Bothell, WA are more likely to click away and go elsewhere.

SEO and other marketing strategies are only as good as the website they point to.

That’s where LaunchKit comes in.

Achieving Brand Excellence Through Consultation

Here at LaunchKit, we aim to help people narrow down their mission and excel in their brand identity. 

We listen with integrity and offer a solid plan for getting your brand in front of the people who need it—the ones looking for you and others who don’t yet know that they need what you have. 

We’ll dive into business objectives, OKRs, and every level of your vision for the future, all with an eye for consultative plans. 

There’s a vision in you for all that your brand could be. It’s inside, waiting to come into the world and reach people. It just needs a little nudge in the form of actionable consultation with Launchkit.

We start by building a responsive, mobile-friendly website that represents your brand. A website geared toward one thing—converting website visitors into buyers or clients.

With our proven SEO strategy, we help entrepreneurs capitalize on organic traffic for sustained growth in their business. We start with your website, your Google business listing, and social media. 

Depending on budget, we will routinely add content and reputable backlinks to your website, along with posts to your Google listing and social media platforms.

If you need integration solutions, we can integrate seamless billing through Stripe on your website, calendars, lead management, pipeline management, CRM, Email marketing, and live chat. 

We also offer an app-based tool to see and manage everything alongside paid ads that convert with crisp offers and a clear call to action.

Case study: How to use a simple ad on social media and Google to boost your bottom line

We worked with our clients to come up with a strategy that fit the needs of their yoga studio:

January Special – “50% off membership fees, Bring a friend, and you both get a free yoga mat, water bottle, and coupon for a free smoothie.”

We included pictures of their beautiful facility and lots of smiling faces.

Since their membership contracts are 3 months and set up for auto-billing and renewal, they saw an increase in net revenue of 300% in January based on that one ad and received 30 new 5 star ratings on their google business listing.  

Their state-of-the-art facility and yoga instructors were back to full-time classes in no time.

With strategy, experience, and understanding of what works online and the psychology behind it, the most straightforward idea can have vast ripple effects for your business. We are firm believers that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and it starts with the proper foundation.

And that foundation is a custom-built website from experts who understand how to convert visitors to buyers.

Our brand strategy for your business is built on the same one we use for our own affiliate websites. No clickbait—only high-quality content that people need, which directs them to the moment of decision.

With 6 million words of content, we consistently answer critical questions and aim readers to a purchasing decision that we have vetted and researched.  

This method is the difference between LaunchKit and most of the other agencies vying for your business.

Schedule a free consultation today—we would love to partner with you.

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